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HCK Nursery in Stoke Newington

Established in 1983

 by a group of lone parents, Hackney Care for Kids (HCK) provided a safe and caring environment for children, whilst their Parents/Carers went to work or study in order to improve their social and economic circumstances. Today we are proud that we have a strong legacy of supporting lone parents, and we also welcome any other Parent or carer in the wider community irrespective of age, sexuality, sex, disability, gender, gender reassignment, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership.
HCK is a community nursery in Stoke Newington and registered charity, catering for 38 children under 5 years of age. The aim of HCK is to provide full-time day care and educational stimulation enabling each child to achieve their full potential.

HCK is managed by a Board of Directors
comprised of Parents, Staff and interested persons from the community.

HCK Day Nursery Stoke Newington
HCK Day Nursery Stoke Newington
HCK Day Nursery Stoke Newington
HCK Day Nursery Stoke Newington


Some children have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and as such require extra support in their learning and development. HCK has a Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who is responsible for ensuring your child receives the correct level of support if required. 

The SENCO will liaise with parent, child and external providers such as Health Visitors, Speech Therapists, Social Workers and any other relevant person. This will help to inform the child’s Education Health and Care Needs Assessment and Plan (EHCP).

Organisation of Day Nursery

On the ground floor there are Nursery facilities for children that include a Baby room (Pineapple) for the 1-2-year olds and a Toddler room (Coconut) for the 2-3-year olds.

There is also a kitchen and bathroom facilities for the children, as well as access to the garden. On the first floor, there is a further Preschool room (Mango) for 3-5-year olds. The second floor is reserved for our office administration and there is a small Parent’s room.


Hck plan our day nursery curriculum around the EYFS seven areas of learning. 

Communication and language, Physical development, Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is at the heart of all planned activities and experiences, Hck staff know that it is important for children to form secure attachments,all children must feel safe, secure and loved before any learning can take place! This is why we have created a home from home, safe, kindcaring, friendly and welcoming environmentfor all young children in our care.

Our Rooms

Coconut Room

Coconut room has 8 toddlers aged 2 to 3 years and has two qualified Nursery Practitioners.

Pineapple Room

The Pineapple room, also known as the baby room has 6 babies aged 6 months to 2 years. This room has two qualified Nursery Practitioners.

Mango Room

The Mango room has 24 pre-school children ages 3 to 5 years. There are 3 qualified Nursery Practitioners.


We have a strong and highly qualified staff team who are passionate and committed to the delivering a high-quality curriculum enabling each unique child to reach their full potential.

All staff under take regular training and are regularly checked under the Disclosure and barring service (DBS) Qualifications.

NNEB, Diploma in childcare Level 3, NVQ Level 4 management EDI Level 3 for children and young people’s workforce (Early learning and childcare) Safeguarding and child protection,

Level 3 Diploma in child care and education, food hygiene, Health and safety, Safer recruitment, BA Hons in Early Childhood studies, Level 3 National Award for special needs assistants


HCk is keen to ensure that all children’s daily requirements are reflected in its choice of menu, whether a child has a particular preference we will ensure that it is reflected to their specific needs as long as it is a healthy and varied choice. We encourage even the fussiest eater to engage in trying new foods bursting with colour and texture. HCK has Level 5 in food hygiene the highest possible rating.

Hackney Care For Kids ( HCK ) latest 2019 Ofsted report Click here.

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